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The Ambassador Difference

We know the power of a clean first impression. In a spotless environment, people care more about each other. Customers have a better experience. Workers are more focused and productive. Students learn without distraction. Civil servants take more pride in serving the public. Patients have more confidence in their medical care. And congregations feel more connected.

We are your partner— an extension of your maintenance department

95% Customer Retention Rate

Ambassador Services has been our go-to for over 10 years. The services provided and the outstanding support is hands down the best. Alex and his team have been there for us with everything we need and even if a service requested was not part of their normal routine they would find a way to help. We get so many compliments on how great our floors and property look after 15 years of being open and it is in great part to Ambassador Services. Thank you.

Wade Broussard

Property General Manager

A Landry’s Property

Working with Ambassador has been a tremendous tool for the bridge. Irene does a super job maintaining the cleanliness of our facility which allows me time to take care of things engineering. We have been able to expend more time with less effort with Ambassador. Irene and Ambassador are a Godsend!

Greg Franks

The Bridge Fellowship
Ambassador provides outstanding customer support. Their staff is highly reactive to our concerns and they resolve issues quickly. I have worked with other national providers and Ambassador is the best by far.

Michael Hepner

Senior Director of Property Services

Empire Education Group

Valued Clients

We Care About Security

At the end of the day, our job is about you.

We understand that you are trusting us with your space. Ambassador’s multi-tiered security strategy includes training, technology, and procedures. We background check all of our employees, require all of our cleaners to wear uniforms and carry badges, and strive for high labor-retention so that you have a consistent team of cleaners who you know you can trust. We carry as few keys as possible, set the alarm on the way out, and lock the door behind us. Security is one of our field and management team’s top priorities.

We Care About Transparency

We operate with integrity.

When you partner with Ambassador you’ll know what to expect, and we will never sell you more than you need. During our initial walkthrough, we collaborate with you to learn how often each area of your space needs to be cleaned. High traffic areas may require daily (or nightly) cleaning, whereas other areas may only need to be cleaned once a week. We calculate the number of hours required to clean each area and come up with an honest staffing plan to save you time and money. We track how many people we have in your building and how many hours are assigned t

We Care About Communication

We listen to our customers and build strong relationships.

At Ambassador, we pride ourselves on responsive service. We are available 24/7 so you can get in touch whenever you need us. From our route supervisors and operations managers to our upper management, you will always have multiple points of contact with our team. Our managers and cleaners check in on a regular basis to make sure you have everything you need. If you feel like something is missing, we’ll listen and talk to each other until we find the best solution. Our doors are always open for our customers and our employees. We also send out regular surveys to learn more about how we can improve and incorporate your feedback into our process.

We Care About Technology

We consistently optimize our operations and pass the savings on to you.

Cleaning industry technology is always advancing, and so are we. Our operations team constantly seeks out new tools, products, and software that improve efficiency and security. We enhance our service with both low-tech and high-tech solutions.

Low-Tech Solutions

We ensure hygiene by using color-coded micro-fibers: yellow for the bathroom, blue for conference rooms, orange for other spaces. Our purchasing department tests 100% of the products used by our cleaners. Every chemical we purchase undergoes three to six months of testing for quality, safety, and effectiveness, ensuring the right product is used on each and every surface in your space.

High-Tech Solutions

Our electronic inspection program guarantees that every job goes according to plan. Our Paylocity security program creates a geo-fence around your space so that we know which of our cleaners is in your building at any given time. Our purchasing department tests 100% of the products used by our cleaners.

We Care About You

At the end of the day, our job is about you.

We take your needs to heart. We clean to maintain your space. We clean to keep your long-term costs down. We clean so that you can take pride in your work. And we clean so that everyone who walks through your door feels at ease and ready to take on the world.

Talk to us about how to put more care into your maintenance program. We would cherish the opportunity to become your facilities maintenance partner.

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