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As the global effects of coronavirus COVID-19 continue to evolve, all of us at Ambassador Services are deeply committed to the health and safety of our customers and employees. We have witnessed infections increase exponentially in the United States, affecting tens of thousands—and potentially hundreds of thousands—of individuals. We know this will be a severe, complex fight, and we are in it with you, right on the front lines.

Monitoring and adjusting to the highest standards

We know this is unprecedented territory. That’s why we continue to closely monitor updates from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO), taking the necessary actions to ensure our employees are safe, and our call centers and field teams are staffed to deliver uninterrupted facility maintenance services. We’re also disinfecting our own facilities daily to contribute to a healthy, safe environment for our most valued assets—our clients, vendors and employees.

Certified cleaning specialists standing by

Ambassador Services is one of a select few facilities maintenance providers to offer pandemic disinfecting certification for all of our crew members. As we await the development of a successful vaccine or medical cure, it’s clear that good hygiene and cleaning practices are our best defense against this rapidly spreading virus.

With all of our associates certified in pandemic disinfecting by the Cleaning Management Institute (CMI), we’re uniquely positioned to serve you.


Let us help restore the peace of mind at your place of business!!

Our associates are outfitted with personal protective equipment (PPE) for facility decontamination and use disinfectants and sanitizing supplies that meet CDC and WHO guidelines and specifications to minimize cross-contamination.

Electrostatic decontamination for all surfaces

Ambassador Services uses electrostatic decontamination to cover surfaces completely and efficiently while combatting virus spread. Spraying an electrostatically charged mist onto objects and surfaces means they are covered completely and evenly, including the backside and underside. The positive electrical charge is attracted to negative surfaces, meaning that the solution will cover and sanitize sprayed surfaces completely, even when it’s sprayed from only one side.


Electrostatic decontamination takes up to 50% less time to execute than conventional cleaning methods and improves infection control by applying a specialized solution in a measured, controlled way. The result is a deep, consistent, and efficient cleaning that covers not only surfaces, but also hard-to-reach places that could otherwise be missed. It removes dust, dirt, germs, and viruses in environments that require the highest standards for sanitation, such as health care facilities and R&D labs.

We also have the capacity to service a high volume of requests. We are working diligently and proactively to meet the needs of numerous workplaces and facilities, including for those who are considered essential personnel or are working in shifts to make things safer for their coworkers.

When you sign up for services, you’ll get systematic decontamination and sanitizing of all high-touch surfaces, including:

  • office door handles/knobs
  • door push plates
  • desk phones handsets
  • break room and conference room tabletops
  • restroom countertops
  • restroom sink hardware/fixtures
  • break room hardware/fixtures
  • entryway doors, knobs, pulls
  • stairwell railings
  • elevator touchpads
  • light switches

Putting our community first

Ambassador Services has been servicing local markets in the greater Houston area for more than 12 years, along with business within the South and Northeast regions of the US. While COVID-19 presents unique constraints and complexities, we are ready to serve our community.

We are a minority-owned business with a value system centered around the needs of our customers. And while America must endure the unknown to get through the global pandemic, we will be right there with her, helping make workspaces, places of worship and learning, hospitality facilities and other sites safer. At times like this, offering you peace of mind is our privilege and our sole mission. Nothing is more valuable than the lives and wellbeing of family, friends, neighbors and every member of the communities we support, and our teams are working tirelessly to make a positive impact.

Available 24/7

The team at Ambassador Services is prepared to discuss your needs and swiftly execute that crucial next assignment. With the recent spike in demand for decontamination services, we would highly recommend booking services in advance. We’re available 24/7 to address any questions or concerns you may have. 

During these trying times, we encourage you to learn more about how our services can support your business continuity by contacting your account manager or our customer service line directly at (800) 432-8290.

For more information about COVID-19 and what you can do to keep healthy and safe, visit the Centers for Disease Control at

Facilities we serve include

  • Multi-tenant office buildings
  • Manufacturing and industrial plants
  • Warehousing facilities
  • Hospitals, emergency/urgent care facilities and clinics
  • Laboratories, doctors’ and dental offices
  • Public schools and administrative buildings
  • Private schools and daycare centers
  • Colleges and universities
  • Governmental entities:
    • Municipalities and local agencies
    • Courts, jails and legislative offices
    • Commercial ports of entry
    • Parks and recreation
  • Places of worship, megachurches and ministries
  • Hospitality: restaurants, brewing companies, hotels and resorts
  • Entertainment: movie theaters, recreational centers and event venues
  • Communications: newsrooms, and production studios
  • Retail: stores, shopping centers and malls
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