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Detailed Night Cleaning by Trained & Trusted Professionals

Whether you’re running a fast-paced office, bustling restaurant, high-functioning hospital, respected educational institution, or a house of worship at the heart of the community, there’s one thing that can always be expected: things are going to get messy. Bathrooms get used. Books get scattered. Furniture gets moved. Crumbs fall on the carpet. Floors get scuffed... and the list goes on. When everyone goes home after an honest day of hard work, they leave the chaos and clutter of the work day behind.

That’s where we come in. Ambassador’s janitorial team functions as the night cleaning arm of your maintenance program. As your workers leave, our cleaners arrive equipped with an arsenal of effective cleaning techniques and the latest cleaning technology to wash, wipe, disinfect, and de-clutter your space, preparing it for another day of hard work. When your team walks in the next morning, they’ll be greeted with a clean environment, ready to focus on the day ahead. Ambassador janitorial services give your business the chance to make a great first impression – because you only get one chance to make a great first impression – a fact often overlooked.

Custom Plans that Meet Your Needs & Save You Money

Because every organization is unique, Ambassador believes that janitorial cleaning plans should be customized around each organization's specific needs, schedules, and demands. We begin every partnership by learning about the space we’re going to clean. We measure each room, count every trash can and soap dispenser, and map out every surface in every room. From there, we communicate with you to learn about event schedules and how often different areas are used throughout the day. If your organization uses every room every day, then we will come up with a plan that cleans everything as often as needed. If you have some areas that are used more often than others, we will work with you to create a plan that saves you money and gives extra attention to those areas.

Transparency and Communication are core values at Ambassador. If you ever feel like something is being overlooked or that we need to adjust our cleaning plan, we’re ready to listen. If we ever feel like we need to expand our plan to meet your needs, or narrow the scope of our plan to save you money, we will let you know. Our plans are flexible, and we make it easy to seamlessly add or remove services to adapt to your needs and preferences as they evolve.

Our Three-Tiered Approach to Security

There is a certain level of trust required when hiring a team to clean your space overnight. At Ambassador, we have three on-going approaches to ensure our cleaners are trustworthy and help you feel at ease.

Security Procedures

We run background checks on all of our cleaners before we hire them. We have an 80% employee retention rate, the highest in the industry, and we keep our cleaning teams as consistent as possible. All of our cleaners are required to wear Ambassador uniforms and carry an ID badge, making it easy to immediately identify one of our team members. Many of our customers know their janitorial team by their names and their faces.

Training for Security

When we train our cleaners, we emphasize the importance of security: always lock the door and set the alarm code. Nothing should enter or leave your building other than the cleaning supplies we bring in and the trash we take out. We have ongoing training classes and presentations that stress the importance of communication and integrity.

Technology: Always Know Who’s in Your Building

Our management software uses geofence technology so that we know which of our cleaners are in your building at any given time. In fact, our cleaners cannot clock-in unless they are carrying a badge and are inside of the geofence perimeter around your building. This not only guarantees that our cleaners are always carrying their Ambassador IDs, but also holds all of our cleaners accountable for their actions while they are in your building.

Ambassador’s Complete Commitment to Quality Assurance

There’s a lot more to cleaning than meets the eye. Are the windows streak free? Are the sinks and toilets clean? How about underneath the toilet seat? Are there paper towels in the dispenser and toilet paper in every stall? Has gum been scraped off the bottom of tables, desks, and handrails? Has the trash been taken out? Were the trash liners replaced? Have the floors been swept, vacuumed, mopped, and dried with care?

These are just a few of the details that we train our cleaners to take care of, and that our lead cleaners, supervisors, and managers check at the end of every shift to ensure that your space is spotless and sanitary. Our electronic inspection application codifies inspections into our cleaning process so that our managers can guarantee that we cleaned your space according to the specifications initially outlined during the planning process.

Quality Products Make for Quality Cleaning

Did you know that some window cleaners contain acids that can eat away at walls, erode counters, and damage the tint on windows? Different surfaces require different products and cleaning methods. After years in the cleaning service industry, we know what to look for in individual products so that they protect your investment. Over the course of our 3 to 6 month long product-testing process, our purchasing department tests every machine, chemical, and material on multiple surfaces, day-in, day-out until we know without a doubt that it is safe and effective. We inspect Material Safety Data Sheets, so we know the science, safety facts, and all the potential impacts any and all products may have.

We are fully committed to a greener way of cleaning with the smallest possible carbon footprint and impact on the environment. We train all of our employees on the best practices for limiting waste and cleaning efficiently. We follow all health and safety regulations regarding trash haul and water recapture. And we prioritize green products.

Janitorial Services Include

  • Floors cleaned and maintained
  • Water damage services
  • Detail cleaning
  • Carpet maintenance
  • Anti-Skid treatment
  • Floor waxing/sealing
  • Parking lot sweeping
  • Washrooms and sanitary supplies
  • Pest control
  • Trash and debris removal
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Pressure washing services
  • Upholstery cleaning
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