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Licenced, Eco-Friendly Pressure Washing Services

In conjunction with window washing, parking lot cleaning, and landscaping, pressure washing keeps the exterior areas of your building clean so that you can make an impactful first impression. Exterior surfaces gather dust and lose their luster after only a month or so of weathering the elements. Parking lots and sidewalks are even more susceptible to caked-on dirt and grime left behind by cars, animals, and people. It’s incredible how a high-pressure spray can transform these surfaces; weathered buildings regain their vibrant charm and concrete walkways look uniform in texture and color.

While pressure washing may seem like a simple task, there is a lot to consider. How much pressure should be used? What type of detergents work best for various surfaces? How will we safely access hard-to-reach areas? What surfaces should we be careful not to spray?

After years of pressure washing experience and training, Ambassador’s licensed pressure washing professionals know how to safely pressure wash parking lots and building exteriors. We begin every pressure washing project with a free inspection where we map out what should be cleaned and what we need to avoid spraying. From there, we consider the equipment and detergents that will be ideal for the surfaces we’re going to clean. Depending on where your building is located, we will acquire the appropriate permits to pressure wash your space. If we need to remove graffiti or gum, we may take extra steps to ensure that we don’t damage the paint or surfaces underneath.  

Exterior surfaces are always exposed to the elements: rain and dust beats down on your building, cars constantly leave tire marks on your parking lot, and a stampede of foot traffic scuffs up your sidewalks. Birds poop. People litter. Graffiti gets painted on in the dead of night. Because exteriors undergo consistent wear and tear, we work with our customers to create a recurring pressure washing plan that takes into account your location and frequency of use. For our clients in manufacturing or oil and gas, this could mean more frequent pressure washing to keep your space safe year in, year out.

All of our pressure washing technicians are licensed and insured. We take our commitment to green-cleaning practices seriously, meaning we only use eco-friendly detergents and recapture all the water that we use.

Ambassador’s Pressure Washing Services include:

  • Concrete cleaning
  • Sidewalk cleaning
  • Pressure wash exterior brick, concrete, and steel
  • Graffiti removal
  • Deck restoration services
  • Gum removal
  • Use of eco-friendly detergents

See what pressure-washing can do for your space. Contact Ambassador for a free pressure washing inspection and quote.

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